In Sirix Web, plugins give brokers and 3rd party developers the freedom to customize the broker's trading platform. Plugins can respond to any event within the platform (login, logout, position opened, position closed, language changed and more) and use all data available in the platform (from positions to balance). Finally, plugins can show customized offers and extend the user interface with any visual content (from bonuses to live chat).

Plugins empower you to enhance the trading experience, boost conversions, increase trader value and stay competitive. You are encouraged to devise custom plugins to execute effective marketing strategies, increase user-friendliness and aid the trader in making trading decisions. The look and feel of the plugins is fully customisable and the language appearing in the plugin can automatically reflect the language preference of the trader.

Low Margin Level
This is a powerful plugin that identifies when a user's account drops below (30%,40%...) margin level. The user is informed that he is in jeopardy of losing his positions and needs to deposit money now.
The Margin Level Alert is immediately followed by a customized and simple deposit window for the trader to make his deposit and is fully integrated with your existing deposit interface.
Read more about this plugin to gain additional insights and ideas for other plugins using the `webTrader.getBlance()` API function.
Just-in-time conversion to real account
This plugin shows your customized 'get a real account' offer to a demo user once two successful trades are closed. This has been shown to generate a boost in conversions as the user is alerted at a pivotal moment to open a real account after he feels successful in demo mode.
Read more about this plugin to gain additional insights and ideas for other plugins using the `webTrader.onClosedPosition()` API event.
Customized Deposit Box
When a user decides to deposit money into their account, a user-friendly deposit window appears within the client interface. This simple, yet effective call to action results in more deposits by keeping the user in Sirix Web and not relocating the user elsewhere.