Upgrade Your Website with Conversion-Boosting Social Trading Widgets!

These ready-to-use social trading widgets can be quickly embedded into your website and function as stand-alone applications specifically geared to get traders in the mood to trade and boost conversions. The widgets enable traders to see live social trading information directly from your homepage! Requiring no additional programming, these widgets are automatically connected to your Sirix trading environment.
Join Social
This widget allows traders to easily join your social trading network directly from your website. The widget uses single sign-on and transfers the trader directly into his social profile in Sirix Web. This simple two-step sign-up widget will not only increase your conversions, but also allow you to benefit from a larger social network.
Social Stream
View and copy real traders!
This powerful widget contains your actual live Social Stream (a multilingual loop displaying your last 100 activities) from the Sirix Web platform with configurable parameters, such as:
  • Stream language
  • Inclusion and exclusion of certain instruments from the stream
  • Definitions to follow when copying a trader
Top Performers
This widget provides examples of the top performers within the social community ranked by profitability.
Featured User
This widget randomly selects a top performer and highlights:
  • Proficiency level
  • The previous months P/L
  • The previous months risk level
Market Rates Grid View
This widget allows you to view a list of popular instruments with quotes that have been divided into relevant groups. You are able to edit and use them according to your personal preferences.
Market Rates Ticker View
With this widget you are able to select from a list of popular instruments that are displayed in ticker mode. You can decide how the information will be delivered and appear on screen from a selection of popular skins.
Market Trends
This widget allows to view list of popular instruments with their trend\sentiment of buy\sell ratio.